5 most vip cities in Europe


Paris is known as an iconic city around the world, and as the capital of love. There are many things to visit, the Eiffel Tower being one of the first attractive monuments of the city. You can climb to the 3rd floor, 276 meters high, and at night the tower lights up and dominates the whole city. There are other must-see places to visit: the Champs Elysées, the Place de la Bastille, or the Louvre Museum. You can also visit the famous Marais district or Montmartre. Don't forget to try the local specialties: macaroons, croque-monsieur, croissants or French cheese. In the evening, you can have dinner at one of the many "bâteaux-mouches" or watch a burlesque show in Pigalle.

paris city


Berlin is a very modern and at the same time very young city, which moves a lot, mainly rich in art, music and with an incredible culture. Berlin has become the trendy European city, where you can find all the current trends. Not only is it considered a very festive city, but the German capital also offers a wealth of cultural and historical places to visit, such as the famous Berlin Wall and its East Side Gallery, the Jewish Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate or the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Concerning its gastronomy, do not hesitate to taste a curry wurst, a very famous and popular sausage/fry.

 berlin city



London is a very charming city, with many square and aristocratic buildings. As far as visits are concerned, you will have the choice: you can visit on foot or also take one of the famous red buses of the city, to discover famous monuments like Big Ben or Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, but also its magnificent Thames and its numerous museums. Among the latter, we will inevitably mention the National Gallery, the Tate Modern or the British Museum.

For a more fun visit, go to the M&M store, the only one in Europe and the 4th in the world. As for food, don't miss the famous fish and chips, and finish your evening in a traditional London pub where the beer flows freely. 

london city


Rome is a very popular city for tourists: the gastronomy is very famous, from the traditional pasta to the homemade pizzas. You can also visit many places: throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain for good luck, visit the Pantheon, the Vatican and its Sistine Chapel, take a walk in Piazza Navona, visit or admire the Colosseum from a distance. As for the nightlife, there are many bars and open-air discotheques available until the early hours of the morning. 

rome city



Bucharest, also known as "Little Paris", is an incredible city with a rich culture and a vibrant nightlife. This is why Bucharest is the ideal destination for a bachelor party. As far as the visits are concerned, you will be able to discover many monuments: the patriarchal cathedral, the Unirii Square, Stavropoleos Monastery, Revolution Square, and especially the triumphal arch. . Once you've finished sightseeing, you'll be able to enjoy exclusive parties in the city's best clubs. Plus, life is really cheap there, so you won't be held back by your budget. 

bucharest city

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