CDLC is the most glamorous club in Barcelona located on the famous Barceloneta Beach.

Come and dance the night away with the best national and international DJs.

CDLC Barcelona Table Prices

CDLC Barcelona is a world-renowned nightclub that offers a truly unique and elite experience for VIP partygoers looking for the most high-end venues. If you're looking to experience Barcelona's exclusive nightlife scene, CDLC's VIP area is a must-visit destination. With its upscale amenities, luxurious atmosphere, unparalleled service, and exotic decoration inspired by Morocco and Bali, the VIP area at CDLC Barcelona is the ultimate choice for those seeking a VIP experience.

The VIP area at CDLC Barcelona is a private and intimate area that offers its clientele comfortable seating and tables with a preferential view of the club where guests can enjoy the club's entertainment in style. By booking a VIP table at CDLC you will be able to choose premium bottles from a varied bottle menu and be delighted by a personalized service from a professional and dedicated staff.

Prices for the VIP tables at CDLC Barcelona can vary depending on the night and event. However, as a general estimate, VIP tables at CDLC Barcelona typically start at €250 and can go up to €1K, depending on its location. This price includes a minimum spend on drinks, VIP entrance for 5 guests, and the services of a waitress. 

The VIP area at CDLC Barcelona is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the city's exclusive nightlife scene. With its high-end amenities, luxurious atmosphere, and unparalleled service, guests can indulge in the finest the club has to offer, all while enjoying the energy and excitement of one of Barcelona's hottest nightclubs and venues. Don't hesitate and book your VIP with Barcelona Tables to experience a memorable night in an unbeatable ambience and club. Contact us for specific pricing and availability information.

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