VIP tables at Downtown unlocks a world of unparalleled benefits

Celebrate special moments with Downtown outstanding bottle menu.

Downtown Barcelona Bottle Menu

Welcome to Downtown Barcelona Nightclub, the pulsating heart of the city's vibrant nightlife. As you gear up for an extraordinary evening of fun and celebration, we invite you to discover the exclusive realm of VIP tables and bottle service, where the night takes on a whole new dimension of luxury and indulgence.

Booking a VIP table from the Downtown Barcelona table map unlocks a world of unparalleled benefits, adding a touch of exclusivity to your night out. Here's why reserving a VIP table is the ultimate way to experience the best of our nightclub:

Prime party spot: Your VIP table guarantees you and your group the most coveted seats in the house. Bask in the spotlight of the dance floor and enjoy a commanding view of the DJ booth, ensuring you're at the center of the action throughout the night.

Personalized attention: Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with a seamless and indulgent experience. From setting up your VIP table to ensuring prompt and attentive bottle service, we prioritize your needs to make your night truly unforgettable.

Intimate atmosphere: The VIP area offers an exclusive oasis within the bustling nightclub, providing a private space to celebrate with your inner circle of friends and loved ones. Dance, laugh, and create cherished memories away from the crowds in your own sanctuary.

Skip the queue: Embrace the VIP treatment from the moment you arrive as you bypass the regular lines and enjoy expedited entry. Make sure to respect the Downtown dress code, maximize your time to dance, socialize, and revel in the electric energy of Downtown Barcelona Nightclub.

At Downtown Nightclub Barcelona, we take pride in presenting a bottle menu curated to delight the most discerning tastes. The selection showcases an array of premium spirits and champagnes, each meticulously chosen for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavors. Prepare to indulge in an extraordinary bottle service experience, savoring your favorite libations crafted to perfection and delivered straight to your VIP table.

Our mixologists have crafted an enticing collection of signature cocktails that harmoniously complement the vibrant ambiance of Downtown Barcelona Nightclub. For aficionados of premium spirits, our bottle menu offers an impressive assortment of the finest whiskeys, vodkas, gins, and more, catering to every palate and preference.

Toast to life's special moments with our exceptional champagne selection. From classic champagnes to prestigious cuvées, our bottle menu boasts an exquisite range that adds a touch of opulence to your night of celebration.

downtown bottle menu

downtown bottle menu

Downtown Barcelona Nightclub invites you to embark on a journey of luxury and excitement with VIP table reservations and unrivaled bottle service. Our VIP area promises an exclusive escape into the heart of the nightlife scene, providing the perfect setting to dance, laugh, and revel in the company of your closest friends.

Explore our carefully curated bottle menu, tailored to cater to your refined tastes, and prepare for a night of unparalleled indulgence at Club Downtown Barcelona. Check the Downtown table prices, secure your VIP table and bottle service today and immerse yourself in a world of glamour, electrifying music, and only of a kind parties.


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